Thursday, 13 March 2014

Rugby Player Numbers - Part 1

A tweet by Sir Clive Woodward on 26 February 2014 brought to light a long lost Rugby Viz from ruggerblogger blogged prior to the 2011 RWC in New Zealand. A number of replies to the tweet noted the huge number of English non-senior players relative to other countries. However, as a number of comments on the original blog noted the viz is misleading in the scaling of the circles... for example it looks like France has more senior players than England, is this true?

To visualise this in a more definitive way I have remix the data into a more easy to compare format and while I was at it I added in the populations of the countries in question to see what proportion of the population are playing rugby. Also, have a look at the 6 Nation, former Tri-Nations countries and World Cup winners. Remember this is 2011 player number data, if anyone can point me to more uptodate data from the  IRB data that would be great. Let me know what you think!

Then see Part 2 here, how many players does it take to win a world cup?

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